Marley's Tail

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Marley's Tail

                                        This is about A Toller named Marley                                  

A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Puppy

When I got him, I saw potential in him for being a great dog. my Idea of a great dog is a good friend with intelligence and ability to be trained. I understand  intelligence can be the breeding ground for boredom. A bored dog can be a problem dog. With that I decided to name him Marley from the book Marley and Me. not that I thought he would act out in a similar way, but to remind me he could, and I thought it was funny.

Marley was born on May, 5th 2008

He came home with me August 1st, 2008   

one of the questions I have researched was eye color, Tollers are supposed to have brown eyes and Marley did not. everything I found said the color change would occur by 12 to 16 weeks, not with him. It would not matter but I am considering breeding him. I would say his eyes started to show change at 16 weeks but today 7 months they are now 80% brown and will likely finish their change in another month.

 Marley is an active dog, but also an excellent napper 









Growing up

This Week 11/23/2008 Marley Graduated from his beginner obedience class.

he really is a nice looking dog now, and he is a good dog. he gets into trouble but very minor stuff. he gets along well with other dogs and cats, but he will chase the cat now and then.  This is my first toller and I am already a fan of the breed.

Growing up we had Black Labs, and when I was on my own I have had three shelties (one at a time). I love the shelties but after a heart defect and two cancers, I started to think maybe the breed is not so hearty.  But they have been some of the best pets I have had.

Crazy Legs Murphy


my friend

10/25/2003 to 8/2008

New Stuff

I pulled him out of his flyball classes, He srrmrd to like it until we got to the part where everyone is yelling and dogs are barking. He would reather hunt. I decided I would rather have a pet then a breeder and he is temporarly inaactive and recovering from the nutering.  here is a new photo.

Newer new  stuff

Marley has been with me now for over a year. He is a very good dog and listens well. We have started working on hunting skills and he is doing well with this. I wish I had all the time I wanted to work with him, I think he will be a great hunting dog.

Before I got Marley, I read all the information I could and I understand where a lot of the articles are coming from, but he has never been the out of control dog I read about. yes I work with him and I try to keep him from being bored, and yes he occasionally does bazaar things like hauling random objects out into the yard. but he is  a good dog.   

Here he is on a retrieve with a Chuckar partridge